KIPP Through College

KIPP students are on the path to college from day one.

KIPP Through College (KTC) is a part of the broader KIPP approach that helps to eliminate the opportunity gap between students from high- and low-income communities. KTC counselors and advisors in KIPP schools across the country do whatever it takes to support students as they navigate high school, prepare for college entry, and work hard on their journey through college. Local KTC programs are augmented by national initiatives and services that help to provide access to high school, college, and career preparation resources across the KIPP network.

Support from KTC ensures KIPP students stay on the journey through college graduation and beyond.


KIPP Through College Programs:




Critical Factors for College Completion

We are often asked what distinguishes KIPP’s four-year college graduates from the KIPP students who do not enroll in college, or who start but do not finish. Rigorous research and our own early experience have helped us understand the factors instrumental to KIPP students’ college success. These findings were first published in our College Completion Report and include:

Academic readiness 
A rigorous education is one that keeps the end in mind, and ensures that all students are prepared for the demands of higher education. At KIPP, we recognize that academic readiness is rooted in excellent teaching.  

A powerful set of character strengths
Character strengths including grit, self-control, social intelligence (including self-advocacy), zest, optimism, and gratitude, that enable students to stick with college even in the face of considerable obstacles. "Work hard. Be nice." is more than just a motto. 

The right match
Choosing the right higher education institution is key to a student's college success. Graduation rates vary widely among institutions at all levels of competitivenessKIPP is building partnerships with colleges and universities in order to help improve college completion rates. 

Social and academic integration
Integration through study groups, campus clubs, alumni contacts, and activities that enhance a  student’s college experience and help him or her resist negative pressure to leave school. KIPP Through College offers a variety of local and national supports.

College affordability and financial understanding
It can be challenging for families to get accurate information about college financing. KTC advisors help students navigate the challenge of paying for college.



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