Sharing and Collaboration

At KIPP, we don’t teach alone. We teach as part of a team of more than 3,800 teachers coast to coast, united in the same mission: to ensure that our students are going to and through college. We intentionally build a culture of collaboration and teamwork at KIPP, not only within our school buildings but across state lines, through retreats, summits, and our online sharing platform, KIPP Share.

How do we share? 

KIPP Share

KIPP Share

Network-Wide Collaboration

KIPP Share is the place for KIPP leaders, teachers, and staff to connect, join communities, and access key resources like recommended curriculum and the College Counseling Toolkit. 

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KIPP School Summit

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Community Building & Celebration

Every summer, KIPP teachers have the opportunity to come together for an entire week of learning and community-building at the KIPP School Summit (KSS). This network-wide event offers learning experiences with high quality presenters in all academic content areas and effective and culturally relevant pedagogy. While maximizing opportunities for sharing and collaborating with colleagues, KSS also ensures that teachers walk back into their classrooms each fall armed with best practices and tools that they can implement immediately. Every session is designed to support teachers in becoming masters of their craft.

KIPP Content Retreats

KIPP Framework for Excellent Teaching

Hands-on Learning

Every year, KIPP Foundation hosts a variety of weekend-long community retreats (such as Math, ELA, Special Needs) throughout the country. These retreats provide attendees an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other teachers and leaders throughout the network. In addition, they are able to observe at the local KIPP schools, work side by side with fellow KIPP teachers on their long term plans/lesson plans, and attend workshops presented by outstanding outside education professionals. If you would like more information on these events or are interested in being a presenter, please contact

KIPP Educator Series

KIPP Educator Series

Sharing What We Know with the Greater Education Community 

Many ask about what makes KIPP successful. We know there is no secret, silver bullet. Instead, the key to KIPP’s success is the remarkable team of teachers and principals who work at each KIPP school. We are excited to debut the KIPP Educator Series designed to share great ideas, practices, and proven strategies developed in KIPP schools with educators from other schools.

The first book in the KIPP Educator Series, Reading Without Limits, was written by former KIPP Infinity teacher, Maddie Witter, and shares the approach KIPP Infinity developed for teaching middle school literacy. Learn more about the book here.

KIPP is committed to equal treatment for all individuals. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
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