Question 3

To prepare students for the demands of college, we focus on academic rigor and character development. KIPP schools use a variety of tools to understand student achievement and track student growth, including performance tasks, evaluations of students’ skills against state standards, and a nationally norm-referenced test, the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Through MAP we are able to measure growth and college readiness as well as compare the performance of KIPP students to their peers nationally. Robust student progress data empowers our leaders and teachers to refine and differentiate instruction, to innovate to meet student needs. Moreover, such data allow us to identify and share what’s working within our network and with our colleagues in the education sector. 


Question 3 Results Part 1


Question 3 Results Part 2


Question 3 Results Part 3

We know that one year of growth is often not enough to ensure our students are ready for the rigors of college, and many of our schools are now setting more aggressive goals.


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