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Question 3

In order to ensure that our students are on track to being college- and career-ready, we look closely at achievement results beginning in kindergarten. KIPP schools use a variety of data sources and tools to understand student achievement and track student growth. These include classroom observations and tests, evaluations of students’ skills against state standards, and a nationally norm-referenced test called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).


Criterion-Referenced Tests

Every state administers criterion-referenced tests in the spring in order to access student academic achievement. Each state has a unique test. The results of these exams allow us to compare the performance of KIPP classes to that of their local districts and states, but do not allow us to compare to classes in different states. 





Norm-Referenced Tests

Norm-referenced tests (NRTs) compare a student’s score against the scores of a group of students. We require all KIPP schools serving grades 2–8 to administer an NRT; some also administer the test in grades K and 1. Unlike state tests, these exams allow us to compare the performance of KIPPsters to their grade-level peers across state lines. We can also track student performance across time.







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