We look closely at our achievement results to understand whether our students are on track to being college-ready, and if they’re meeting the high bar we’ve set—a bar that is now reinforced by the Common Core standards. KIPP schools use a variety of tools to understand student achievement, including the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test, a nationally normed assessment that helps teachers determine what material students are ready to tackle, as well as to track academic growth over time. Research tells us that when students are performing in the top quartile on nationally norm-referenced tests, they are on track to be college-ready.



At KIPP, we are reminded that behind these numbers are stories of unwavering effort on the part of our KIPPsters, families, teachers, and leaders to achieve substantial progress. At the same time, we recognize that most of our students need to make more than one year’s growth to climb to college-readiness levels. That’s why we are so focused on giving our teachers the support and resources they need—including access to innovative technology to personalize instruction—to help our KIPPsters make considerable academic gains.




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