Teacher Leader

Designed exclusively for KIPP teachers in roles such as grade-level chair, department/content chair, Saturday school coordinator or field lesson coordinator, the Teacher Leader Program is an opportunity for teachers to hone their exceptional instructional skills while learning new strategies to bring out the best in their colleagues. Each participant, in collaboration with their school leader, picks one of two programming strands:

Strand 1 - Research for Better Teaching: Studying Skillful Teaching
Strand 2 - Team Leadership and Management: Successful Strategies for Leading Your Grade Level, Team, or Department


The Teacher Leader Program provides rigorous and relevant learning experiences, including:

  • Orientation: A three-day orientation before the KIPP School Summit offering an overview of the program, relevant sessions led by educational leaders, and the valuable opportunity to network with your cohort
  • Individualized Coaching: Ongoing coaching by your supervising school leader, with the purpose of achieving personal goals in your Individualized Leadership Plan
  • Intersessions: Participation in two leadership development retreats throughout the year
  • Learning Community: Optional monthly professional development calls coordinated by National-Louis University professors and an online community to share ideas with your cohort.


Given the new leadership responsibilities of Teacher Leaders in roles such as grade level chair and department chair, participants in the Teacher Leader Program focus on developing the leadership competencies and behaviors of the KIPP Leadership Competency Model, specifically designed to empower participants to:

  • Develop an action plan for effectively supporting, monitoring, and evaluating standards-based instruction in their grade level or department
  • Experience the power of the cohort through formal and informal problem-solving and thought partnership opportunities with their talented peers in similar roles
  • Gain strategies for effective team leadership, including how to set clear objectives, monitor progress, delegate tasks, and hold their peers accountable
  • Learn how to lead effective grade-level or department meetings
  • Practice skills for team collaboration and productive conflict management
  • Practice strategies for conferencing and providing feedback to teachers
  • Expand repertoire of skillful teaching to promote student learning and increase student achievement


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